Short Term Service Opportunities

Medicine & Community Health

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

All opportunities are on voluntary basis and participants are responsible for all expenses incurred from the trip.

NoProgramme Data & DurationProjectObjectivesPersonnel Needs & Remarks
1May 2019Clinical TrainingTo provide training to pediatric/neonatal/obstetric nurses and doctorspediatric/neonatal nurses, lactation consultants
2June 2019Clinical TrainingTo explore collaboration with the hospital in buidling its capacity. To provide specialty training in area of expertise (e.g. gynecology, orthopedics, echocardiography)Medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
3June or October 2019Clinical TrainingTo train local eye doctor in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of cataract.Ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses with experience in eye surgery
4May 2019Clinical TrainingTo enhance the knowledge of 新生儿专科医生/护士 by giving talks & have clinical exchanges with pediatrician & SBCU doctors/nurses.1) Specialists (doctors or/and nurses) with related medical experience for at least 10 years.
2) Can speak fluent Putonghua, prepare ppt in Chinese & lecturing in Chinese
5June 2019Clinical Training1) To enhance the laparoscopic surgical skills (微创手术)of local O&G surgeons and have clinical exchanges with them.
2) Give talks to 23 townships O&G doctors/nurses on related topics at Beichuan MCH hospital.
1) Specialists with related medical experience for at least 10 years.
2) Can speak fluent Putonghua, prepare ppt in Chinese & lecturing in Chinese
6July 2019Hospital Management TrainingTrain hospital doctors and nurses on :
1) Hospital Management
2) Service Etiquette
Trainers (doctors or nurses) on hospital management with at least 5 years of related experience.
7May or October 2019Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy ChildrenProviding rehabilitation services for Cerebral Palsy kids at a Rehab centre: 1) To share and update the knowledge of the CP management in a hospital setting.
2) To train the workers for caring CP kids.
Above 3-year experience rehabilitation Physicians / above 2-year experience Physiotherapists / above 2-year experience Occupational Therapists and Speach Therapist/above 2-year experience Special Need Education (Able to speak, read)
8June 2019Nursing ManagementTo increase the quality of nursing management services.1) 2-4 team members with experience in Hospital Nursing Management; at least half of team members should be speakers of Putonghua.
2) Good communication of the training content before the training.
9Aug 2019Nursing TrainingTo provide training for hospital and village nursesExperienced nurses

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