Short Term Service Opportunities

Community Development

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

All opportunities are on voluntary basis and participants are responsible for all expenses incurred from the trip.

NoProgramme Data & DurationProjectObjectivesPersonnel Needs & Remarks
1June or November 2019Community Service for Elderly1) community service for single elderly & disabled people, provides hair cut, simple medical checkup, minor installing/repairing, house cleaning, cooking service.
2) home/hospital visitation
1) Good Mandarin, experience leading children's/youth activities; energetic young adults
2) have the related and relevant technique
3) have a servant heart
2AnytimeCommunity Service for Training Special Need Young AdultsTraining special needs young adults in food & beverages preparation and servicing the customers1) Team player
2) A passionate heart for special needs and local Chinese
3) Basic Mandarin
3June 2019June 20191) To help set up curriculum materials in village kindergarten.
2) To provide training for kindergarten teachers.
Fluent in Chinese. Kindergarten teachers

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