Short Term Service Opportunities

Community Development

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

All opportunities are on voluntary basis and participants are responsible for all expenses incurred from the trip.

NoProgramme Data & DurationProjectObjectivesPersonnel Needs & Remarks
15 days (including travel) in AprCommunity Health Training - NutritionSetting up curriculum for village kindergarten. Provide training in nutrition and nutritious cooking for parents of kindergarten kids.Fluent in Chinese. Kindergarten teachers, community health experience
27 days in MayVocational Training for Special NeedTo conduct a 2-3 day seminar of vocational rehabilitation for local NGOs.
1) Rehabilitation Counsellor, Special Education Teachers or related experts
2) 5 years related experience preferred.
3) Good Mandarin
38 days in Jun and NovCommunity Care Training2 days training workshop on community care.Have CPE technique or chaplaincy experience. Have a servant heart. Fluent in Mandarin.
46 days in JulVolunteer Training 1) To assist in multiple tasks in the volunteer training programme (such as character building and life skill development etc);
2) Holding a 5-day camp in the hospital.
Adult or young people with experience in leading youth group; eager to learn, mature, flexible and in good health.
58 days in DecCommunity Care for Elderly and Disabled People1) community service for single elderly & disabled people, provides hair cut, simple medical checkup, minor installation, repair, house cleaning, cooking services.
2) Home/hospital visits.
3) Educate on health knowledge or hand-crafts workshop.
4) Party for youths.
Fluent in Mandarin, experience in leading children / youth activities; energetic young adults.
Have related and relevant techniques. Have a servant heart.
66 days in Dec Cultural ExchangeCultural exchange with different nationalities to broaden the students' scope of view and increase knowledge Experienced teachers or professionals, should be able to speak Mandarin.
77 days in DecCultural ExchangeReaching out to students and their families through celebration events at the student centresThe team will have to plan the programmes with music , stories and games in Mandarin and some ESL English. Decorating the centre and run events with the support and help from the teachers of AKOW
88 days in DecCultural Exchange - Christmas ActivitiesTelling Christmas story, play games and activitiesHave experience organising activities

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