Christian experts in farming and animal husbandry are needed to help train local farmers and animal husbandry officials in farming techniques, raising livestock and agricultural management skills.


Business Consulting

Christian professionals with business administration and management-related skills and experience are needed to help with training and providing consultation on good business practices to local entities.


Community Development

Community development workers are needed to work with villages and urban communities to help assess local needs, identify possible solutions, and assist local communities to implement development plans. Some of MSI’s community development projects include water projects in minority villages and environmental care.


Education and Youth

English teachers and lecturers are needed to teach in different educational and community settings including primary and secondary schools, universities, English camps and “English Corners”. Short-term teams leading cultural exchange programmes, sports training or other summer camps are also welcomed. Christians with various vocational skills are also needed to teach courses in home economics, computers, building and construction, etc.


Medicine and Community Health

Christian medical professionals are needed to provide training in hospital-based medical specialties (e.g. emergency medicine, paediatrics, neonatology, physical and mental therapy, dentistry, etc.). Training for medical and nursing staff in county hospitals and rural health stations are also needed. At several sites, short-term teams can also help with health fairs and community health education events that are held regularly.

Opportunities to teach medical English as well as various medical disciplines are available at certain Medical Universities.



For more information about the short-term, intermediate term and long-term opportunities, please contact one of our regional representatives.

* All opportunities are on voluntary basis and participants are responsible for all expenses incurred from the trip.

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