Medicine and Community Health

MSI partners primarily with county-level hospitals in inland provinces to help raise the level of academic and clinical care. With marginalised people as the main service recipients, MSI hopes to set good examples of holistic care for patients and staff. MSI healthcare workers freely impart knowledge, share experiences and model compassionate care.

Our hospital-based medical programmes place long-term workers and bring in short-term medical teams to work together with local health authorities and medical institutions to:

  • upgrade the medical knowledge and skills of their healthcare professionals, including medical students
  • improve the local hospital’s patient care through skills imparted and values modelled
  • improve the delivery of healthcare services
  • equip local hospitals with needed equipment, and train personnel to use the new hardware
  • develop healthcare services relevant to the local community

MSI also raises awareness of healthcare issues through a holistic program that includes basic health and disease prevention training, family management, character building and environmental education. The programme works towards providing a seamless continuity of service from in-patient to community care.

Current Projects


  • Resuscitation and trauma courses with emphasis on skills acquisition and team work
  • Training in hospital-based medical specialties: emergency medicine, paediatrics, neonatology, cardiology, ENT, cleft surgery, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Medical student elective programme
  • Clinical services: primary care, specialty care in HIV/AIDS, surgical treatment and post-operative care for disabled children


  • Training and supportive activities for parents of autistic or disabled children
  • Training for special education teachers
  • Training for rehabilitation workers
  • Mental health rehabilitation


  • Counselling services to middle school students
  • Clinical counselling – broken families, divorce, anxiety, stress, youth issues, unemployment, disability, single elderly/child at home

Health Training

  • Basic community health education
  • Burn prevention
  • Maternal & child healthcare training at township and village levels
  • Promoting the vision of volunteer work and training volunteers to serve the community.

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