Long Term Service Opportunities

Medicine & Community Health

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

Language requirement: If you are interested in serving for longterm, you will go through a language and culture learning course first. The length of the language and culture learning will depend on your language level.

NoProjects / PositionTermsMajor ResponsbilitesEducation / Major / Experience
1Health care personnel especially medical doctors and nurses2 years or longer1.Facilitate and develop new medical initiative with a hospital to upgrade & strengthen their clinical, administrative and health education capacity; 2. Assist in the coordination of the Eye Project; 3. Organize & coordinate specialized medical/nursing training1) To raise the standard of care of the local staff by modeling compassionate holistic health care;
2) To improve quality of care of patients.
3) Preferably with at least 5 years of experience beyond post-graduate training in his/her respective field;
4) Willing to learn mainland medical system & come alongside local
5) Good Mandarin Chinese;
6) Some English would be helpfulmedical staff;
7) Able to teach others;
8) Has a servant spirit, can delegate & relate to people.
9) Able to adapt to limited resources ;
10) Has a sense of humor, is a self-initiator & is flexible.
2Psychiatric Rehab OT/Social worker/counselor/nurseAt least 1-2 years1. To deliver community psychiatric rehabilitation services to people with mental illnesses, such as, psychoeducational groups, individual case management and counseling 2. To train or supervise local practitioners1) To set up the community psychiatric rehabilitation service
2) To pass on the value of holistic care to the local practitioners
3) Professional degree with several years of working experience, esp. Illness Management and Recovery, Peer Support.
4) Able to speak, read and write Chinese
3Rehabilitation (Physio Therapist/ Occupational Therapist/ Speech Therapist/ Special Education teacher)1 yearsProviding rehabilitation services for Cerebral Palsy kids at the Rehab centre of a hospital: 1. To share and update the knowledge of the CP management in a hospital setting. 2. To train the workers for caring CP kids; 3. To teach CP's family about family care at home.1) To help upgrade the skills of the workers of CP kinds side by side. 2) To promote the quality and value of service for CP workers, kids, patients and families.
3) Physician with more than 3-year experience in rehabilitation or at least 2-year experience in Physio Therapy/ Occupational Therapy/ Speech Therapy/ Special 4) Need Education Fluent Mandarin
4General Surgeon2-3 yearsTeach general surgery, basic orthopedics1) To train up local surgeons so that patients can receive adequate surgical care with out traveling far to the larger city.
2) Licensed practicing surgeon Chinese speaking and reading
5Dentist2 years or moreTeach and train local dentists in a hospital.1) Improve dental care for local population.
2) Also to provide oral health education to school children and adults in town and villages.
3) Licensed in Dentistry.
4) Fluent in spoken and written Chinese
6Nurse Manager2 years or more1. Give support to a clinic in treatment adherence, counseling, and follow up of patients . 2. Train the local staff of the clinic.1) As you minister and serve among your patients and colleagues in a place where there is no hope regarding to their sickness, your presence and life will bring them peace and hope through our work.
2) Licensed Nurse;
3) A heart for the poor;
4) Committed and cooperative Able to speak and read Chinese
7Physical/Occupational Therapist2 or more years1. Help in the rehabilitation of hospital patients 2. Train nurses in basic physical therapy1) Many patients needing PT/OT due to motor vehicle accident, stroke, falls, and cerebral palsy. 2) This person will be able to provide direct therapy to these patients as well as train nurses in the hospital to provide basic PT/OT.
3) Licensed PT or OT
4) Able to speak and read Chinese
8Doctor/ nurse/ Health related profession2 year or more1) organize and conduct medical trainings for different county hospital doctors and nurses.1) improve the county hospital service quality 2) link up the resources and relationship with medical teams and county hospital.
3) 5 years work experience. Willing to visit different counties, work with multi cultural team, adjust to limited resources and remoted areas.
4) Able to speak Chinese and English fluently
9Doctor/ Nurse/ Health related profession specially in ICU2 year or more1) Help to develop and train local medical members in hospital and village 2)organize and conduct medical trainings for different county hospital doctors and nurses.1) improve the county hospital service quality
2) link up the resources and relationship with medical teams and county hospital.
3) 5 years work experience.
4) Willing to visit different counties and villages,
5) Work with multi cultural team,
6) Adjust to limited resources and remoted areas.
7) Able to speak mandarin and English fluently
8) flexible

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