Long Term Service Opportunities

Medicine & Community Health

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

Language requirement: If you are interested in serving for longterm, you will go through a language and culture learning course first. The length of the language and culture learning will depend on your language level.

NoProjects / PositionTermsMajor ResponsbilitesEducation / Major / Experience
1Clinical Chaplain2-4 years1) Direct clinical chaplaincy work.
2) Provide community service for locals.
3) Provide training in mental health education in communities or schools.
4) Develop palliative care programme working together with local NGO(s).
1) At least 2 years clinical chaplaincy experience.
2) Cross-cultural experience.
3) At least one unit of CPE training.
2CounsellorAt least 2 years, preferably longer1) Provide advice and support for children with learning difficulties and their families
2) Develop and run a self-help group for the families
1) Relevant qualifications
2) minimum 5 years experience preferably in SEN context
3) Willing to work weekday evenings and Saturdays until late (9pm)
3Counsellor2-4 years1) Develop counselling programme: Direct counselling and provide counselling for locals.
2) Train locals in lay counselling technique.
1) At least 2 years counselling experience.
2) Cross-cultural experience.
3) University degree in counselling.
4Counsellor / clinical chaplainAt least 1 year1) Direct clinical counselling & caring work– provide service for local trauma victims / families. Proceeding carefully with considerations of political / local sensitivities.
2) Provide training - educate holistic health. Train local volunteers to care of the others.
1) At least 2 years clinical chapliancy or counselling experience;
2) Able to work among rural villages/families.
3) Have cross-cultural experience.
4) University degree in counselling and/or equivalent or CPE training.
5Dentist2 years or moreTeach and train local dentists.Licensed in Dentistry.
6Doctor/ nurse/ healthcare related profession2 years or more1) organise and conduct medical trainings for different county hospitals. 5 years work experience. Willing to visit different counties, work with multi-cultural team, able to adjust to limited resources and remote areas.
7General Surgeon2-3 yearsTeach general surgery, basic orthopaedicsLicensed practising surgeon
8Heatlh care personnel especially medical doctors and nurses3 years or longer1) Facilitate and develop new medical initiative with a county hospital to upgrade & strengthen their clinical, administrative and health education capacity;
2) Assist in the coordination of the Eye Project;
3) Organise & coordinate specialised medical/nursing training
1) Preferably with at least 5 years of experience beyond post-graduate training in his/her respective field;
2) Willing to learn mainland medical system & come alongside local medical staff;
3) Able to teach others;
4) Has a servant spirit, can delegate & relate to people.
5) Able to adapt to limited resources ;
6) Has a sense of humour, is a self-initiator & is flexible.
9Nurse4 years1) work in a rehabilitation centre to serve disabled children and their families;
2) Provide education and training in the hospital.
3) Home visit for the patients.
1) Basic Nursing degree and five years experience.
2) Work well in a multi-disciplinary team.
10Nurse Manager in HIV centre3 years or more1) Give support to the HIV centre in treatment adherence, counselling, and follow up of HIV patients .
2) Train the local staff at the HIV centre.
1) Licensed Nurse;
2) A heart for the poor;
3) Committed and cooperative;
4) Studied / experienced in HIV care.
11Occupational Therapist2 years or more- Provide occupational therapy consultancy services for training the local occuptional learning assistants
- Conduct training for the learners with special need/ disabilities.
At least 5 years work experience.
12Physical/Occupational Therapist2 or more years1) Help in the rehabilitation department of a county hospital.
2) Train nurses in basic physical therapy
Licensed Physio Therapist or Occupational Therapist
13Physiotherapist3-4 years1) Work in hospital to help train therapist in assessment and work practice.1) Undergrad degree and 5 years hospital experience
14Physiotherapist / Occupational TherapistsAt least 2 years1) Work in partnership with county Hospital or /and rehabilitation centre;
2) Responsible for the Rehabilitation Project;
3) Training local therapists
1) At least 10 years experience;
2) A heart for the poor;
3) Committed and cooperative
15Psychiatric Rehabilitation/Social worker/counsellor/nurseAt least 2 years1) To deliver community psychiatric rehabilitation services to people with mental illnesses, such as, psycho educational groups, individual case management and counselling
2) To train or supervise local practitioners.
Professional degree with 5 years of working experience
16Rehabilitation (Physio Therapist/ Occupational Therapist/ Speech Therapist/ Special Education Teacher)2 yearsProviding rehabilitation services for Cerebral Palsey kids at the Rehabilitation Centre:
1) To share and update the knowledge of the Cerebral Palsey management in a hospital setting.
2) To train workers in caring Cerebral Palsy kids;
3) To teach Celebral Palsy children's family on home care.
Rehabilitation Physicians with 3-year experience or Physio Therapists with 2-year experience or Occupational Therapists with 2-year experience or Speech Therapists with at 2-year experience or Special Education teacher with 2-year experience.
17Social worker2- 4 years1) Provide training course and group work in the school (primary 5 and form 1).
2) Provide counselling service and home visit to students, parents and the staffs in the school.
3) Organise programme (carnival activity) to the students
1) provide volunteer training and emotional control group for students;
2) Counselling skills;
3) Organise counselling camp for the teachers;
4) University degree with experience working in school (at least 4 years experience).
18Social Worker or Counsellor1- 2 years 1) Running Tuition centre for migrant kids and family visit;
2) Organise summer camps & activities;
3) Integrate burnt patients back to society
1) Social Work Degree with at least 3-5 years experience OR many years experience in social work/youth work
2) Servant spirit
3) Interpersonal skills
4) Flexible
5) Not for PRC visa applicants
19Social workers / counsellorAt least 2 years1) Provide psycho health education and talk in school (Primary 4 to Junior High 3).
2) Provide counselling and home visit to students, parents or school staff.
3) organise psycho training camp for teachers
4) organise emotional education camp for students
1) University degree with at least 2-year related experience;
2) with counselling skills or relative experience
3) Committed and a team player
20Speech and Language Therapist2 years or more- Provide occupational therapy consultancy services for training the local occupational learning assistants
- Conduct training for the learners with special need/ disabilities.
At least 5 years work experience.

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