Long Term Service Opportunities

Education and Youth

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

Language requirement: If you are interested in serving for longterm, you will go through a language and culture learning course first. The length of the language and culture learning will depend on your language level.

NoProjects / PositionTermsMajor ResponsbilitesEducation / Major / Experience
1Kindergarten teacher2-4 years or longer1) Develop kindergarten health education and character development curriculum ;
2) Provide training & coaching to village kindergarten teachers ;
3) Assist in kindergarten breakfast project
1) Post-secondary diploma or higher in relevant fields (for those needing visa, a university degree is required);
2) Has heart for kids and students;
3) Can lead kids and students
4) Able to communicate in Chinese and/or willing to learn;
5) Willing to learn local dialect & culture;
6) Willing to work through translators if needed;
7) Ability to read some English would be helpful.activities
2English Teacher1-3 years1) Teach English
2) School Assistance
1) Experienced English teachers with a teaching degree
2) Able to speak and read Chinese
3Teacher for extracurricular activities, Music, Dancing, Art, Sports1-3 years1) Provide extracurricular activities for elementary and middle school students1) Need experience and license
2) Able to speak and read Chinese
4Medical English Teachers2 years or more1) Teaching English and Medical English
2) Helping the Co-ordinator to develop the project
1) English teaching experience.
2) TESL qualifications.
3) Medical experience would be beneficial
4) Must be totally fluent in English, preferably with English as their first language.
5) It would be possible to teach on this project with only survival level Mandarin, but ample time could be made available for language learning.
5English teacher1 year or more1) To empower local middle school to operate and develop English.
2) Help explore the new senior middle school curriculum.
1) 5 years or above work experience and qualified senior secondary English teacher.
2) Good communication and organzation skills. Passion for journeying with young people.
3) Have survival mandarin and orgnization skills.
4) Flexible
5) Experience in curriculum development is preferable.
6BakerAt least 2 years1) Some practical experience as a baker
2) Previous professional culinary experience in baking breads, pastries and desserts
3) Ability to solve business-related problems quickly and efficiently and to think strategically to continually improve systems and processes
4) Good relationship building skills and demonstrate ability to teach and lead others
5) Work with subordinates and lead them successfully into productive working methods
6) Provide a two-way line of communication with all Pastry/Bakery staff and Sales staff.
1) > 1 year work experience.
2) English / Basic Mandarin

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