Long Term Service Opportunities

Community Development

For more information about the service opportunities. Please contact one of our regional representatives.

Language requirement: If you are interested in serving for longterm, you will go through a language and culture learning course first. The length of the language and culture learning will depend on your language level.

NoProjects / PositionTermsMajor ResponsbilitesEducation / Major / Experience
1Business consultants to offer consultancy services to local and foreign businesses, local non-profit or non-governmental organisationsAt least 2 years, preferably longerOffer paid consultancy services to local and foreign organisations for registration, local and overseas marketing and fundraising, local human resource management and operations.5 years' experience in starting up and running businesses in China.
2Community Worker/Office manager1-2 years Work Scope:
1) Office Administration;
2) Running Tuition centre for migrant kids and family visit;
3) Organise summer camps & activities;
4) Help patients to integrate back to community.
1) University Graduate with 3-4 years working experience, Competent in Microsoft Office,with admin and managerial skills,
2) team player
3) flexible
4) servant spirit
5) Not for PRC visa applicants
3Community WorkersAt least 2 yearsResponsible for the Community Project for elderly, women and middle school students.1) Social Work qualification and /or with 3 years working experience in social work;
2) A heart for the poor;
3) Committed and a team player.
4Site ManagerAt least 2 years1) develop and oversee projects;
2) build relationships with local partners
1) strategic planning;
2) experience relating to local officials
5Project Co-ordinator2 years or more1) Strategise, initiate and develop projects with local authorities and partners. Basic degree with experience in project development and/on strategising projects in multi-cultural setting. Not for PRC visa applicants.
6Project Coordinator or Manager1-2 years 1) Oversee , plan & develop projects
2) Develop partnerships with local NGOs
1) Project management skills
2) Strategic Thinker (big Picture person)
3) Leadership skills & abilities
4) Interpersonal skills
5) Flexibility
6) NGO Experience essential
7) Not for PRC visa applicants.
7Project CoordinatorsAt least 2 years1) Developing and responsible for the implementation and coordination of project(s);
2) Facilitate long term and short term workers and participating in the project(s).
1) At least 2 years' experience of project management;
2) A heart for the poor;
3) Committed and cooperative

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