Education and Youth

Education is one of the great equalizers of society as it cuts across economic and social barriers. However, access to education continues to be a challenge to many even though China provides nine years of free compulsory education. Many children in rural areas, children of migrant families, disabled children, and children in economically poor families are unable to truly benefit from the Chinese educational system due to various barriers. MSI’s educational programs address the needs of students from elementary to high school and college level. MSI provides financial assistance, English teaching, tutoring, summer camps, and character building activities.

English Teaching
MSI places long-term English teachers in universities as well as in primary and middle schools. In the universities, MSI workers teach undergraduate and post-graduate students, including students in medicine, political science, finance and economics. To help students improve their listening and speaking skills, MSI provides an opportunity for them to practice and interact with fluent English speakers. To broaden the students’ cross-cultural awareness, there are also opportunities for cultural exchange.

MSI has also been invited to train English teachers on more effective English teaching techniques and to help enhance their oral proficiency. Teacher trainers have developed programmes for rural and urban communities. The programmes are also tailored to various levels of educators, from primary to postgraduate. They include in-class teaching, oral English practice, cultural exchange activities and summer English camps.

Special Education Training
In 2014, a newly established Special Education School invited MSI to help their teachers acquire needed skills for teaching students with special needs.

Educational Sponsorship
Through educational sponsorship, MSI helps poor and needy students access secondary educational opportunities, and eventually become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities. MSI workers journey with students and their families, providing a personal touch of love and care through regular family visits and special monthly programs or during school holidays.

Migrant Families
Migrant families in China’s growing urban cities are often excluded from the local educational, healthcare and social welfare systems. MSI seeks to serve these migrant workers and their families, especially the migrant children who are facing challenges in school. Through the provision of academic assistance, recreational activities, and counselling, MSI seeks to strengthen the local community and family relationships.

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