Community Development

MSI’s community development programs aim to serve poor, remote and marginalised communities. The projects are designed to raise awareness of community needs, enable the community to think through problems and discover workable solutions, and improve overall living standards. Awareness training, small group discussion, village mapping, skills training and character building activities are some of the participatory methods used to help communities in achieving sustainable development.

Village Development
Cooperating with townships and villages, MSI has started 3-year holistic health training and community development projects to give families training in management, sanitation and environmental care that leads to sustainable development. In tandem with the training, MSI began to work with villagers on a water project to repair their broken water system. MSI also conducted several financial management training sessions with each village group.

Urban Development
As China’s urbanisation continues, MSI is exploring the needs of migrant families who are moving into large cities. Healthcare and educational infrastructures are strained, and marginalised communities bear the brunt of the problems. MSI workers are looking to provide social services and counselling services for these families.

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