Chongqing Municipality

Chongqing (重庆) can be literally translated from its Chinese characters as “double celebration”. Located to the South-East of Sichuan Province, it is at the confluence of the Yangtze (长江) and Jialing(嘉陵江)rivers. Chongqing has many names – it was called Ba City (巴城) in ancient times. It is a twin city of Chengdu and has inherited the rich Ba Shu culture (巴蜀文化). In the 19th century, it became known as the “mountain city” (山城) because the old town is built alongside the rugged mountainous terrain. As the largest and most populous municipality in China, it is home to about 33 million people, the majority being Han Chinese. About 10% are Tujia and Miao minorities. Only one – third live in urban Chongqing while the remaining population is spread over hundreds of miles of farmland.

As with much of MSI’s work, work in this city started with short-term Medical and English teams that came to hospitals and universities. This was followed by a regular and popular Business and Management team coming twice a year to Chongqing Technological & Business University.

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