MSI’s agriculture and livestock projects work closely with farming communities, bringing training in sustainable livestock production, pasture development, and farming techniques. In partnership with both local people and foreign experts, MSI seeks to help communities achieve better harvests and life transformation through innovative and experimental programs, demonstrating practical techniques, and mentoring.

In 1995, MSI Livestock Program started in Zhaojue, Sichuan when the Zhaojue County Government invited MSI to assist farmers in their livestock program in two districts there, working among Yi farming communities. It was mainly a sheep lending program and helped 308 families in the first 10 years. MSI’s work has focused on local farmers who are often uneducated and living in poverty. Technical training for these farmers requires creativity and innovative teaching methods, oftentimes requiring extended time together sharing in their challenges.

In Meigu County, MSI is working with the Poverty Alleviation Bureau to help villagers start agricultural coops. One of the first projects would be to develop greenhouses to improve agricultural production. With the help of experts from other countries, MSI works hand in hand with the local government to bring a brighter future to the villagers of Meigu.

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